Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm
(for ages tween-adult)

June 20: Mosaic Photo Frames
Create a one-of-a-kind photo frame. All materials supplied, but you're invited to bring your old China plates to smash up! Making mosaics is a great way to let out stress and relax. $20.00 (Regularly $30.00 per person)

June 27: Mermaid Suncatcher
Create a sparkling little nymph to dazzle and shimmer in your window! Paint the metal figure then add beads and crystals with Karen's assistance. You are invited to bring old broken jewelry to attach for a personalized touch, along with Karen's beads and charms. $30.00 (Regularly $40.00 per person)

July 11: Fairy Boxes and Fairy Houses
Enjoy decoupage and mosaic technique's to adorn a fairy house and chest. Add paint, moss, sparkles and bring something magical home for your miniature gardens
. $20.00 (Regularly $30.00 per person)

July 18: Wellness Workshop- Repurposed Bottles
Transform an old "useless" object into a beautiful piece of art. Repurpose an old bottle by recreating a famous artwork or create your own unique image. Use paints, add sparkles and mosaics (ceramic pieces, beads or glass). $12.00 (Regular $15.00 per person)

July 25: Glass Mosaic Window Panel
It's so fun and easy and makes a beautiful glowing statement when hung in the window or placed in front of a light. On a 12' square piece of plexi, make a simple design and glue away! If you'd like to grout the piece, come back to the studio on any Thursday evening during Main Street Marketplace, or make an appointment with Karen, no extra charge. $30.00 (Regular $40.00 per person)

August 1: Wellness Workshop- Worry Dolls
Originating in Guatemala, worry dolls are small dolls meant to help with a person’s worries. Traditionally they are placed under a person’s pillow and “worry in their place” so that they can sleep well. Wrap yarn and string around small sticks to create your own beautiful worry doll, strong enough to handle your worst worries. $20.00 (Regular $30.00 per person)

August 8: Hamsa Suncatcher
A wonderful piece to keep the bad away, and welcome the good! Decorate the metal with rubber stamps and then add crystals and beads. It might even make a rainbow if you put it in your window $20.00 (Regular $40.00 per person)

August 15: Wellness Workshop- God’s Eyes
A Spanish tradition that originated in South America, the meaning of God’s Eyes varies slightly by country. They are symbols of blessing and protection on the home that they are displayed in.Use wooden sticks or metal poles and assemble them in the shape of a cross, then weave in the God’s eye pattern with yarn. The final product will be able to hang like a mobile. $12.00 (Regular $15.00 per person)

August 22: Mermaid Fanciful Flights
You can never have enough mermaids! Make your very own by painting the beauty first, and then attaching charms to tell the story of your sea creature. Materials are included, but you're invited to bring old broken jewelry, sea glass& shells. $30.00 (Regular $40.00 per person)

August 29: Wellness Workshop- Self Portrait
Gain a deeper understanding of your inner self, dreams, goals, and where you are at this point in your life. Create a Fanciful Flight self-portrait using paint, collage, charms, beads and sparkles. Materials are included, but you're invited to bring your own broken jewelry to make it uniquely you. $30.00 (Regular $40.00 per person)

Fairy Houses



27 East Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790  

Superheroes & Sidekicks Summer Art Camp
July 13-17, 1- 4pm Monday- Friday
$15 a day or $60 for all five days
Ages 6-12 (unless accompanied by an adult)

With an emphasis on character development, this week of drawing and painting will result in the creation of comic strips and flipbooks, painted 3-D objects such as a chair, costume design and fun!

Summer Saturday Young Artist Workshops
July 11- Aug. 15, 10 am-12pm
$10 (for ages 9- teen)

Includes Mosaic Photo Frames, Painted Flower Pots, Mobile Making, Drawing Comic Strips, Exposure to new art materials and art process', and Visitng Artists.

Please sign up to reserve your space
Email us at or call 860-305-6579

Now Available: Affordable Workshops for your group, to schedule at your convenience.

Schedule your own Art Party and choose any project you like. See the Archive for more ideas.

ARCHIVE of Past Workshops-

Winter 2015

Fall 2014

Summer 2014

Most workshops are designed for 12 years old and up. Younger children are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Please inquire about parent-child workshops, private lessons and art parties.

What would you like to make?

Mosaic Panel

Hamsa Sun Catcher --- Mermaid Sun Catcher

Sun Mermaid Fanciful FlightCatcher





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