The Flight's New Clothes

With the start of the new school year always comes back-to-school shopping. And, your Fanciful Flights would probably love to be part of the fun. You wouldn't want to wear the same outfit everyday, and your Fanciful Flight probably wouldn't either. So, it's time for you to grab your art supplies, and get ready to make some new clothes!



· Your favorite Fanciful Flight
· Print-outs of clip art from Karen Rossi's website
· Scissors
· Magnet tape (available at craft stores)

1. Print out the clip art pages from the Karen Rossi website.
2. Carefully cut out your favorite pieces of clip art.
3. Cut the magnetic tape to the right size, remove the backing, and stick it onto the back of your cut-outs.
4. Now, place your magnets on your flight's outfit, in the hair, or on the arms. Stand back and admire how beautiful she or he looks in the new clothes you've just created!

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