Spring 2016 Workshops

in Meriden

Explore the world of art! Discover famous artists, adventure in new mediums, learn drawing and painting techniques, build sculptures.

Teen Workshops

Study with professional artist Karen Rossi and Robin McCahill.

Friday Nights, $10 per student
Sign up through Gallery 53:
53 Colony St, Meriden

January 6th: Painting with glass paints on plexiglass to make a suncatcher: Draw a design on plexi with glue and fill in with glass paints.


January 20th: Draw your designs on pieces of styrofoam and roll ink over them. Then press into paper to create your piece.

February 3rd: Working with Pastels: Learn how to use chalk pastels and create a vibrant flower.

February 17th: Scratch Board: A unique way of drawing by scratching away to make your piece come to life. Have fun making different patterns.

  March 6th: Watercolors: Make water color bookmarks.    


March 17th: Yarn project: Wrap styrofoam hearts in colored yarn. Create a bouquet or hearts or a pennant!  

April 7th: Working with Acrylics: Learn the basics of acrylic painting techniques. Paint a colorful sky with a tree and birds in the foreground.

April 21st:  Create a t-shirt design with fabric paints, beads. (Need to privide your own white shirt) Come with a design you would like to wear! Perhaps your initial or your favorite animal.

Read more about Robin McCahill here.

Adult Workshops

Offered through Adult Ed at Gallery 53:
53 Colony St, Meriden
Sign up online at Meriden Adult Education.

March 14th - Windchimes: Create your own wind chime. Enjoy building a musical piece for your garden or porch. Paint the metal and mixed media, add chime and voila!

March 28th - Make your own Fanciful Flight Garden Angel: Create your own garden angel to help keep those weeds away. Enjoy deorating one of Karen's famous metal flying people and make it your own. Bring your broken jewlery if you'd like to add a special touch.

April 11th - Flowers in Pastel: Draw a pastel flower inspired by Georgia O'Keefe. Learn about different perspectives and draw a bird's eye view of a flower. Do a contour line drawing of the flower using black glue. Then add color and value with chalk pastels.

April 25th - Mobiles: The secret of successful building is to create one from the bottom up! Select a series of metal shapes and connect them with arches and wires. Karen will show you how to find a balance point and build your mobile.

May 9th - Metal Flowers: Create aluminum flowers from flashing, electrical conduit, and wire. Learn to use Karen's hand tools to create cold attachments for multilayered pieces. Spray paint them at home for an extremely colorful touch to your garden.

May 23rd - Wooden Flag: Make a flag to celebrate the upcoming patriotic holidays out of wooden paint mixers.  For added inspiration: use buttons, beads, mosaics, or fabric to add a personalized touch.  Please bring your jars of old buttons or any miscellaneous craft doodads to help personalize your piece.


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