Fall 2016


Study with professional artist Karen Rossi. Explore the world of art!
Discover famous artists, adventure in new mediums, learn drawing and painting techniques, build sculptures.

Kids (ages 7 and up)  10am. $10

Adults (tweens and up) 12pm. $15
(adult projects have the same descirption as the kid projects, but are more complicated and use higher end materials)

Parent/Child (ages 3 and up) 2pm. $10 per project 
(work together or make your own)

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September 17th: Famous artist, Walt Disney is our inspiration today! Make a cartoon cell by painting a background and drawing characters and scenes on acetate.  Learn how to layer the background and acetates to create depth just like animators do!

Walt Disney cells  Cells from Peter Pan

September 24th: Today we will be Painting with contact paper!  Cut contact paper to create clean lines or gaps in you painting. Stick the paper shapes to your paper, paint over them, and then peel them back off, revealing clean white shapes in the middle of your painting. Embrace the unexpected!Elephant from Contact paper

October 1st: Learn about Bill Watterson, the famous cartoonist who wrote Calvin and Hobbes. Study the many emotions portrayed in his comic strips and create your own cat with personality by constructing one out of air dry clay.

 Cat Sculpture Calvin and HobbesCat sculpture collection

October 8th: Guest artist - felting

  October 15th: Create a paper collage to coincide with Shel Silverstein’s poem: “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out.”  Paint various foods/wrappers to cut out and collage around a paper trash can to create a wild piece of folk art.    

 Paper CollagePaper collage

October 22nd: Create your own leaf luminaires! Decorate sheets of contact paper with leaves or tissue paper to adorn the bottom half of recycled plastic jugs. Add a tea-light candle to complete your luminary, ready to display indoors or out!  

Leaf Luminary

Adults- Create your very own inspirational plaques, keeping in mind it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.  

Inspirational PlaqueInsiprational PlaqueInsiprational Plaque

October 29th: This Halloween weekend, we’ll take a look at Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian.  Use mixed media and your imagination to design your own unique witch, perfect for decorating your house this season!

Humbug Witch

November 5th:  Prepare for Veteran’s Day with us! Make an American flag out of wooden paint mixers to remember and honor our Vets.  Added inspiration: bring red, white and blue buttons, beads, mosaics, or fabric to add a personalized patriotic touch.

Paint Stick FlagButton Flag

November 12th: Create a mixed media sculpture inspired by the whimsical creations of Dr. Seuss.  Use pipe cleaners, buttons, wire, cut paper and other mixed media items to form a colorful and imaginative piece. Adults will sew a mini Seussical tree that the Lorax himself would want to protect! 

Mixed Media SculptureWhimsical Tree

November 26th: Write your own book just like Greg Heffley from Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Construct a book for your own stories, poems, memories and adventures.  Create folded paper and accordion books, learn basic bookbinding, and design your own book covers with handmade papers!

Book SampleDiary of a Wimpy Kid

December 3rd: Paint your own canvas and or stocking and embellish with fabric paints and mixed media.  Santa’s sure to be impressed when he sees the hard work you’ve put into your one of a kind stocking!

Hand CardinalsPainted Stocking

December 10th: Come celebrate the Christmas season through the work of Charles Schulz (creator of The Peanuts Kids)! Make a Charlie Brown inspired Christmas tree sculpture out of sticks and mixed media. Bring extra ornaments to adorn your new tree with and/or create your own at the studio. 

Charlie Brown Tree Charlie Brown tree with base

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September 11th - Mobiles: The secret of successful building is to create one from the bottom up! Select a series of metal shapes and connect them with arches and wires. Karen will show you how to find a balance point and build your mobile. $30.00 (Regular $40.00 per person)

Fanciful Flight Witch

October 9th - Witch Fanciful Flights: This is your opportunity to create a little witch to help you celebrate Halloween. Black dresses are great, but orange, purple, and lime green will help brighten your day. Add beads, charms and glitter for a Fabulous Halloween. $30.00



November 13th - Hamsa Sun Catcher: A wonderful piece to keep the bad away, and welcome the good! Decorate the metal with rubber stamps and then add crystals and beads. It might even make a rainbow if you put it in your window $30.00 (Regularly $40.00 per person) 
Make Your Own Menorah: Choose from several of Karen's lasercut designs. You'll be given a white menorah to fill with color, add beads and candlecups and you'll be ready for Chanukah. $35.00 

Mrs ClausSanta Claus

December 11th - Santa or Mrs. Claus Fanciful Flights: Ho ho ho! There aren't too many men in Karen's collection of Fanciful Flights, but Santa holds a special place in everyone's heart. Add presents, snowflakes, and a sack of toys and he can decorate your tree or window. $30.00

*Add to your project- if you have craft materials, broken jewelry, beads, buttons, etc. 

Walk-in's welcome, reservations suggested
Email us at karen@karenrossi.com or
call 860-305-6579

27 East Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790  

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