Study with professional artist Karen Rossi. Explore the world of art!
Discover famous artists, adventure in new mediums, learn drawing and painting techniques, build sculptures.

Now offering workshops
at our studio in Torrington and
Gallery 53 in Meriden.


Meriden Workshops
at Gallery 53

Teen Workshops Friday nights

with Karen Rossi & Robin McCahill

Adult Workshops Thursday Nights

Torrington Workshops


Kids (ages 7 and up)  10am. $10

Adults (tweens and up) 12pm. $15
(adult projects have the same descirption as the kid projects, but are more complicated and use higher end materials)

Parent/Child (ages 3 and up) 2pm. $10 per project 
(work together or make your own)

Second Sundays

Tween-Adult 1:30-4. $30
Sign up through Education Connection or directly through Karen Rossi Studios

For more workshop photos and descirptions, visit our facebook page.


Set up a fundraiser or event, PICK YOUR THEME:

Very Special Artists Workshops - for individuals with disabilities

Wellness Workshops - improve your well-being through art

Recycle Workshops - projects using recycled, reused, and repurposed items

Cloth Workshops - cloth inspired projects

Contact Paper Workshops - workshops using contact paper

Artist Workshops - workshops inspirred by famous artists

Paper Workshops - workshops using paper

Recycling Workshops - workshops using recycled materials such as shoeboxes.

Recycling Workshops - workshops using recycled styrofoam

Making Paint Workshops - workshops where you make your own paint

Woodworking Workshops - workshops using wood

Great for fundraisers, girlfriends nights out, girl and boy scout troops, home schoolers, and art lovers of all ages and skill levels.

Schedule your own Art Party and choose any project you like. See the Archive for more ideas.


ARCHIVE of Past Workshops-

Fall 2016

Summer 2016

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Summer 2015

Winter 2015

Fall 2014

Community Workshops



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