Enjoy projects using recycled, reused, and repurposed items.


Milk Bottle Cap Creatures
-Kids will draw on milk bottle caps to create small creatures like lady bugs, beetles, bumble bees, etc.

Milk Carton Bird Houses
-Kids will use small milk cards to create bird houses.  They will paint the cartons and cut a small round opening in the front.  They will decorate them as they chose.

Plastic Container Houses
-Kids will use old plastic containers (milk containers, orange juice containers, soda bottles, water jugs, etc). and cut and decorate them to create houses, castles or other buildings.

Water Bottle Flowers
-Kids will cut the bottoms off of plastic water bottles, and use paint and other materials (glitter glue, tissue paper, beads, rhinestones, etc) to create flowers, snowflakes, or other creative things with them.

Flower Pot Lighthouses
-Kids will use old ceramic flower pots to create lighthouses.  They will stack the pots upside down and then paint them.

Toilet Paper Roll Train
-Kids will paint toilet paper rolls, and attach them with paper clips to make a train.  They can use cardboard to make wheels for each cart.

Toilet Paper Roll Airplane
-Kids will paint toilet paper rolls, and attach cardboard wings on top to create airplanes.  They will use various materials to decorate them, including pipe cleaners for propellers or wheels.

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars
-Kids will use two toilet paper rolls to make a set of binoculars.  They will attach the two rolls, and decorate them.  They can use celophane for the glass, and will be given the option of using colored celophane to create a tinted view.

Piggy Bank Jar
-Kids will paint mason jars with acrylic paint and decorate them however they want with a variety of materials (tissue paper, rhinestones, glitter, beads, etc).  They will decorate the top as well, and cut a slit in the top of it to insert coins.  They will use it as a piggy bank.

Jar Lid Magnets
-Kids will decorate the insides of jar lids, and use paint and felt to put their initials, a word or their names on them.  They will attach a magnet to the back of the lid to create a refrigerator magnet.

Bottle Cap Magnets
-Kids will use bottle caps from soda bottles, water bottles and other containers, and decorate the inside using felt, paper, paint and other materials.  They will glue a small magnet to the outside to create a refrigerator magnet.

Cupcake Liner Fish
-Kids will use cupcake liners and glue to create a fish.  They will have googly eyes and glitter glue to use as well.

Clothes Pin Mermaids
-Kids will paint clothespins to look like mermaids. They will cut out a piece of felt in the shape of a tail and glue it to the bottom of the pin where the opening is.  They will use yarn for hair, and beads, paint and glitter for decoration.

Popsicle Stick Monsters
-Kids will paint popsicle sticks to look like monsters.  They can use these as bookmarks.

T-shirt Bracelets
-Kids will bring old t-shirts (everyone can share) and cut them into thick stripes.  They will braid the stripes into bracelets.  They can create ones of various thicknesses, and share different materials.

Tin Can Wind Chimes
-Kids will bring a bunch of tin cans of various sizes, they can paint and decorate them however they want.  They will hang all of the finished pieces together to make noise in the wind.


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Egg Carton Caterpillars
-Kids will paint a row of egg carton units to look like a caterpillar.  They will use googly eyes and pipe cleaners for the head and feet.

Egg Carton Dragonfly/Butterfly
-Kids will paint the body of a dragonfly or butterfly on a row of egg carton units.  They will use cardboard, tissue paper, paint and glitter to create the wings, which they will attach to the body.  They will use pipe cleaners, googley eyes and other materials for the head and feet.

Egg Carton Turtles
-Kids will paint individual egg carton units like turtle shells, then attach pipe cleaners for the feet, and pompoms with googly eyes for the heads.

Milk Carton Boats
-Kids will cut a milk carton in half, and paint it like a sail boat.  They will then use a stick or straw and paper to create a sail to attatch.

Packing Peanuts Igloo
-Using glue and packing peanuts, kids will be able to construct an igloo.  They can make a traditional igloo design, or a whole frozen castle!

Jar Snow Globe
-Kids will use old jars to create snow globes.  They will be instructed to bring old small toys or other various objects that they can put inside the jar.  They will glue these objects to the bottom of the jar.  They will fill the jar with water and glitter.

Milk Carton Town
-Similar to the cardboard project, kids will decorate milk cartons like houses, and assemble them together to create a town

Paper Plate Creatures
-Kids will use paper plates to create animals.  They will be instructed to as creative as they can, painting the top of the plate and using paper or pipe cleaners for legs or feet.

Paper Plate Spider Webs
-Kids will paint paper plates with spiders, and then weave yarn over their painting to create the illusion of a web.

Juice Box Boat
-Kids will use old juice boxes to make boats.  They will use a straw or stick and paper to make a sail.


Egg Carton Crabs
-Kids will use individual egg carton units to create crabs.  They will paint the unit red and attach googly eyes, then use pipe cleaners for all the legs.

Egg Carton Octopuses
-Kids will paint an individual egg carton unit for the body, then attach pipe cleaners or ribbon for the tentacles.

Sponge Boats
-Kids will use sponges to make boats.  They will use a stick or straw and paper to create the sail.

Box Buildings
-This can be a group activity, kids will use cardboard boxes of varying sizes and shapes to make buildings. At the end, they will be able to arrange these pieces to create a city of all their different buildings.


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