On The Move

For Sale
If you have a property that you are trying to sell, just rent Karen a studio space! Nearly two years ago to the day, Karen's Windsor Locks mill studio was sold to a New York owner that gave all the businesses in the complex only three months to move. Although Karen had her Norfolk studio started, it wasn't ready for all of the artwork and tools. Supplies and sculptures went flying into storage while Karen purchased a home office in the community of Windsor Locks.

Something's Missing

Although the new location was quiet and peaceful, Karen began to miss the open houses, fundraising martini tastings, and community interactions that she had experienced at the old mill studio. So, she started holding art tag sales in her original South Windsor studio space, the home of her parents. To continue the momentum, Karen rented a space at the Arbor Street Studios in Hartford. As the snow began to fall, the building was purchased by a new owner, Mark Howard. Renovations were planned, so Karen found a new home at Comstock Ferre, where she dreamed of having all aspects of the business and studio under one roof and much closer to her Meriden home.

Just Like Magic
With the recent sale of our Windsor Locks studio, we planned to move everything to the Comstock Ferre location that had become our second home. However, as soon as the Windsor Locks property was sold, a letter of intent was signed to purchase the Comstock building where Karen's studio was located. With a major renovation slated, potential new owner Thomas Coccomo suggested that Karen move her offices to his Berlin location. Having been in this new location for a few weeks now, it is really starting to feel like home. We are settling in, getting back to the artwork, and meeting the new neighbors, postal workers, and delivery people who have been more than friendly and helpful.

Shop 'til You Drop
Since our retail shop in Comstock had to be taken down, Karen decided to set up a small store in Berlin. We are fortunate to have a back room that will be the perfect new home for Karen's Fanciful Flights and other licensed products. This shop will be available by appointment only, so please give us a call at 860-292-8142 if you are interested in seeing the items that are available for sale.

New Beginnings
In our moves out of Windsor Locks and Comstock Ferre, we had a lot of supplies, tools, and art pieces that would never have fit into the Berlin spot. So, Karen decided that this was the perfect time to put her Norfolk studio into fast forward. In just a month's time, the in-progress studio has really started to come into its own. Art tag sales are being held there on the last Sunday of each month, through October. The craft room is filled with tons of great supplies, colorful sculptures fill every wall, and the metal-working machines are ready to be used for several upcoming projects, including the chuppah that Karen will be creating (with help from Tim the Welder) for Denise Rosenberg. (Stay tuned for more on this in next month's newsletter!) We are certainly looking forward to seeing what the coming months hold as we settle into the new homes of Karen Rossi Studios.





Karen's first Windsor Locks studio

The second Windsor Locks studio

Comstock Ferre

The painting area of our new Berlin location

The new studio in Norfolk, CT



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