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If you are interested in hosting a "Karen Rossi Workshop" in your home, you've come to the right spot!

Here are all the details....

STEP ONE: Decide on the date that you would like to hold a Karen Rossi workshop. (Have a few back-up dates in case your first option isn't available.)

STEP TWO: Contact Karen Rossi Studios by emailing us at info@karenrossi.com or calling 860-292-8142.

STEP THREE: After discussing and confirming a date with Karen, review which materials you already have available or would chose to purchase. (See list below.)

Karen has all of the materials, but here's a list that is helpful. If you'd like to purchase particular charms to build particular characters, it will makre the workshop that much more exciting!

- Scrap Paper
- Pencils
- Acrylic paints or craft paints

- Paint brushes
- Jars for washing brushes

- Water
- Rags or paper towels
- Glitter fabric paint

- Markers
- Rustoleum clear spray paint
- Beads

- Wire (26 gauge)
- Charms (If any student wants to create a specific
character, they should bring charms that relate to that character. Example: For a "lawyer flight," you might want to include scales of justice)
- Fishing swivels
- Pliers
- Wire cutters


The cost of a workshop is $40 per person and includes materials.

Host a workshop at Karen's Norfolk studio or in your own home! A travel fee (per additional mile) may be applicable.



Personalize It!
Karen's character ornaments are so much fun to make, because they can be personalized with painted outfits, whatever hair color you'd like, and charms that are suited to you!

Blank Canvas
Workshop attendees will begin the class with a white-bodied ornament. They will have the opportunity to decorate the ornament with the outfit of their choice!



Call 860-292-8142 or
email info@karenrossi.com

More instructions on making your own Fanciful Flight


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