CT Humane Society:

Using Art to Help Animals

Sweet Spot
When it comes to animals and pets of any kind, Karen has a hard time saying no. Seeing the sweet little faces at the CT Humane Society, and being unable to resist them, led to the adoption of Karen's little Chihuahua, Taco. She has always found herself addicted to rescue animals, feeling that, in many ways, they are rescuing her even more than she's rescuing them. After adopting Taco, the CT Humane Society came to have a very special place in Karen's heart. And, because of this, she was thrilled to take part when they asked for her help with a design for their upcoming poster project.

Painting for Pets
On their end, the CT Humane Society was proud to have helped Karen find her new best friend, Taco. As an adopter, she joined thousands of Connecticut residents who have opened their hearts and their homes to a pet in need. To quote Jody Angell of the CT Humane Society, "We are honored that Ms. Rossi has agreed to create a custom art piece for the Connecticut Humane Society to be featured in our 125th Anniversary Commemorative Poster."

When brainstorming ideas for the poster image, Karen decided that it would be fun to include her own animals in the illustration. Taco is pictured, along with two of her former pets: beloved Shep and a gray kitty from her childhood. The woman in the image represents the demographic that both Karen and the CT Humane Society have found to be their target audience. A horse was added after Karen learned about the history of the CT Humane Society. The organization was originally formed to care for horses that could no longer be used for working the land. Up until that point, horses that reached a certain age were killed. But, over time this practice came to be seen as inhumane, and the CT Humane Society was formed to provide care for such animals.

For a Good Cause
The unveiling of the Rossi image will take place on March 25th, during an event that will be held at Karen's Comstock Ferre shop and gallery at 263 Main Street, Old Wethersfield from 1-4 PM. This Martini Tasting will help raise funds for the organization that finds homes for over 8,500 pets per year. In their March 1st e-newsletter, PetCetera, the CT Humane Society invited more than 12,000 friends and supporters to join them for this wonderful event. Tickets are available online for the first two hundred people who respond. Visit www.cthumane.org, where tickets will be sold in advance for $10. In addition, Karen will have several pet-related items available for sale. All proceeds from the event will benefit the pets of the CT Humane Society.

The Connecticut Humane Society is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1881 and is the largest and most recognizable animal welfare organization in the state.



Connecticut Humane Society Poster

Where it all Happens
The CT Humane Society in Newington will be the beneficiary of Karen's March Martini Tasting.

Sleeping Sweetie
After finding Taco at the CT Humane Society, Karen has a very special place in her heart for the animal-loving organization.

Brindle Helps Out
Because Karen's pets play such a huge role in her life (and even get in on many Rossi Studios projects), it was easy for Karen to pitch in when the CT Humane Society asked for help with their 125th anniversary poster.


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