Comstock Ferre:
A Quaint Retreat, A New Home
263 Main Street
Wethersfield, CT

On the Move
When it comes to making major moves, Karen Rossi has become an old pro. The past year and a half have brought more locations her way than she ever expected or dreamed of. It all began during the summer of 2004, when the sudden sale of the building where she rented space forced her to relocate. She moved from the 10,000 square foot studio in the old Windsor Locks factory building to a much smaller house just blocks away. Since that first move, her goal has been to rebuild the magic of her loft space in a new and enchanting way.

After the shock of the quick move and the insanity of either throwing things away or saving them in storage, the sanctity and quiet of working from a home was welcome. However, it wasn't long before the solitude and commute proved to be less comfortable than we'd imagined. With that in mind, Karen was off to the big city.

City Seeker
After years of being tucked away in Windsor Locks, Karen felt that a city location would be a welcome change. Hartford's appeal was certainly strong. Participating in the annual Open Studios weekends and being surrounded by friends and colleagues on Arbor Street proved to be huge perks. However, the location wasn't ideal for the wide range of events that Karen began to brainstorm in her mind. From the newly-formed "Unfinished Projects Club" to the idea of hosting kids' craft classes, Karen knew that an expanded and more accessible space was needed. It was around this time that she just so happened to find herself wandering through Old Wethersfield.

A Hidden Gem
Being the gardening guru that she is, Karen's always on the lookout for plant and garden shops to explore. So, when she passed Old Wethersfield's Comstock Ferre, her curiosity was peaked. While speaking with Comstock employee, Linda Cushman, Karen's interest grew in more ways than she'd expected. She learned of the rental space that was available as early as February. Located right within the Comstock Ferre store, she knew that the spot was perfect. She soon began the process of moving things out of Hartford and into the Old Wethersfield location that would become the new home of her shop, gallery, and perhaps much more.

Arches of Love
Of all the pieces that she'll have on display at Comstock Ferre, Karen is most excited about the garden arches that she's in the process of creating. The idea for the arches originated from her own process of planning a wedding for herself and fiancé, Greg Pasborg. They had plans to marry in New Orleans under one of these hand-cut metal arches. And, while she still hopes to pursue this dream someday, she's focusing (at least for now) on making arches and chuppahs (Jewish wedding canopies) for others. She likes the meanings behind the Jewish chuppahs. Over the years, these arches have come to represent the home of the married couple, with the poles of the symbolizing the strong faith and trust that are necessary in a marriage.

The Right Move
This final move to Comstock Ferre will hopefully be the beginning of achieving Karen's New Years resolution to get everything under one roof. The town of Old Wethersfield seems the perfect place to claim as a new studio location. With its artsy atmosphere and small town charm, we have a feeling that Rossi Studios will feel right at home.


New Beginnings
Rossi Studios' new gallery location can be found within the charming and historic setting of the Comstock Ferre garden center.

Moving In
Karen, Robert, and Lynda work on getting the new shop ready for business.



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