Get creative with fabric and textiles.


Decorated Wooden Letters
-Participants will glue fabric onto wooden letters, they can spell their names or write their initials

Decorated Flip Flops
-Participants will use fabric and other materials to decorate flip flops


-Participants will use cloth to make their own headbands (they will be able to use fabric as well as fake flowers and rhinestones for decoration)
-Participants will have a plain, plastic headband that they will embellish by adding a poof of tulle in one spot


-Participants will use either sewing, or glue, to decorate a small throw pillow with various fabrics

Cloth Flowers
-Participants will use different fabrics to create flowers



27 East Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790  

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1-4 pm
All other hours by appointment or by chance.

Please contact us for pricing and to reserve your space
Email us at or call 860-305-6579


-Participants will braid scrap fabric (or arrange it in any other way they want) to create a bracelet
-Participants will be given small plastic bangles, which they can wrap with fabric to create a bracelet

-Participants can create a headband or crown by wrapping or tying tulle and fabric to a wire or plastic template

Tulle Flowers
-Participants will wrap tulle to make small flowers

-Participants will make their own scarves (can use various color patterns to make it seasonal)

Fabric Wreath
-Participants will use scrap fabric and tulle to decorate their own wreath (can use various color patterns to make it seasonal)

Jewelry Box
-Participants will use various fabrics and other materials to decorate a small jewelry box

-Participants will glue scrap fabric and tulle to canvas to create a unique piece of art

Decorated Mason Jar
-Participants can use fabric and tulle to decorate a mason jar they can use to store change, or trinkets


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