Suggested for ages 5-12

$5.00 workshops available for your group to schedule at your convenience. Minimum 4 people per group (or $20.00 min. fee), maximum 15 people.

Leaf or Feather Mobiles
Learn how to create a mobile. Everything you need to create your leaf and/or feather mobile is supplied.

Dream Catchers
Weave your very own dream catcher. Add beads and feathers to complete your personalized creation.

Painting Rocks
Bring your favorite rocks and stones, or select one from our collection to create your own “Pet Rock.”
Rock Sculptures
Create your own rock sculpture to display in your garden at home. Add wire and beads to jazz it up!

Stick Fairies
Use your imagination to create a magical Woodlands Fairy, using plaster gauze, paint and fabric.

Painting on Glass
Use special marker paint made just for glass & proudly display your colorful creation in a sunny window!

Genie Bottles
Cover a Bottle with sequins, paint, & beads. Decorate a cork on top. Genie will be happy in a new home!

Sand bottles 
Sand isn’t just for the beach. Learn how to color sand and make a sand art bottle. 

Dream boxes
Make a personalized Dream box to keep all your special items, dreams, hopes and lucky stuff.  

Bird houses
Build your own home-made birdhouse from an orange juice container.  All Material provided.

Mini mosaics
Oops, broke a plate? Make it into Art! Create mini mosaics on acrylic plexi (8x10 inches).

Paper mosaics
Create a paper mosaic from recycled cereal boxes. All the shapes and colors you can imagine.

Life-size Self-portrait
Make a real “Selfie”! Celebrate you by exploring a questionnaire about your hopes and dreams, and PAINT!




27 East Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790  

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1-4 pm
All other hours by appointment or by chance.

Please contact us to reserve your space
Email us at or call 860-305-6579


For more projects please see our CRAFTS page (material costs may vary)

Painting Rocks

Stick Fairies

Paper Mosaics


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