On the Move
Karen Rossi Studios finds a permanent home

After a couple years of drifting, moving from one location to another, and feeling a bit lonesome for a place to call home, Rossi Studios has finally found a permanent location. As is so often the case, the perfect spot ended up being right under our noses the whole time. The unfinished sunroom at Karen's house had been longing for a little TLC. The cement floors desired a covering, the cheerful blue walls deserved enjoyment by daily visitors, and the bright, breezy room itself was just waiting to be put to use.

Home Sweet Home
After observing these things, Karen realized that the next "headquarters" for Rossi Studios would be located right in her own home. The location is certainly idyllic. Charming "Beaver Pond" lies right outside our windows, Karen's beautiful gardens surround the house, and metal sculptures adorn the property, both inside and out. The new studio seems a win-win situation for all. Karen is thrilled to have left her long commutes behind her. The pretty blue room must certainly be glad to be filled with the hustle and bustle of an art studio. And Taco and Pucci couldn't be happier either. The comfy spots they love so much are now just a short trek down the hallway.

Moving Ahead
Karen has big plans for this new location. It is here that we will continue to create the products that recently debuted at the National Stationery Show in New York City. Orders are already being filled and new products are being created as well. Several commissioned wall sculptures are being created. In addition, we are putting the finishing touches on original pieces that will be exhibited at the Ellen Traut Collection both this month and next. So, despite the move and the change of scenery, we haven't missed a beat. We are settling into our new home and seeing what the future might hold.


A Place to Call Home
Karen's house is now the new location for
Rossi Studios.

Garden Art
Karen's garden sculptures surround
our new location.

Artistic Inspiration
Beaver Pond, which lies right outside the
windows of the new studio room, is a
perfect sight for daily inspiration.


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