Karen Rossi "Make Your Own Flight" Kit

This fun and fanciful kit will help you to create your very own “Flight.”  Personalize your flying character to make a portrait of yourself, a friend, or a creative made-up character.  Included in this kit are the basics that are needed, but added personalized touches will just make your “Flight” that much more special!

Materials included:

Additional tools that will be needed:

Materials that can be used as charms:

Ways to make your “Flight” unique:



  1. Once you have collected all of your materials (based on the lists above), you are ready to get started.
  2. Plan your design on your “Flight” body by using a pencil or Sharpie marker to draw the outfit and details. 
  3. Use pliers to mold hair and dress.  Check the “Crafts” link on the homepage of www.karenrossi.com, if you have questions.
  4. Use the paints provided to paint the skin, hair, outfit, and accessories onto your “Flight”
  5. Let the paint dry.  Once your first coat is dry, add a second coat as necessary.  Details and patterning can be added once the solid layers of paint are dry.  This is also the stage where stickers and scrapbooking materials can be added to the “Flight”.  Nail polish, sparkles, and fabric paint are fun ways to add special touches.
  6. Optional: To protect your “Flight” from scratches, it can be sprayed with a clear spray paint (Such as Rustoleum), if desired.
  7. Once you are finished with the your flights body, hair, and outfit, it is time to add the charms!  Use charms, wire, beads, and any other materials you have collected. See the diagram below for how to attach the charms and beads to the arms of your “Flight.”

OPTION #2 for beading:  For children or those with difficulty using small pieces, here is an easier solution for beading: Follow the steps above, but eliminate the bead on the top of the arms.  Simply thread the wire up through the arm hole, bend it over the arm (back toward the bottom) and wrap as shown above. 

  1. Once you have added all your charms, be sure to sign your masterpiece!  You can just use a Sharpie marker for this.

I hope you enjoy creating an original “flight!”