Frequently Asked Questions

I am a big fan of Karen Rossi Fanciful Flights™. Where can I purchase them? Do you have a Karen Rossi catalog?
Unfortunately, Karen is no longer working with Silvestri, the company that produced her Fanciful Flights, so all of the ornaments are retired. You may have some luck finding Fanciful Flights on eBay. Other than that, most stores no longer have much left in stock. If you are located near Connecticut, however, Wethersfield's "Heart of the Country" does carry some of the retired Rossi product. Also, Karen's monthly Open Houses in Norfolk, CT are a good place to find retired Fanciful Flights and other items.

I just opened a gift shop. I want to carry Karen's products. Where do I start?
Karen licenses her artwork to many different manufacturers who are authorized to make and distribute her products. Please see our "To The Trade" page for our Licensee listing, or contact for information on becoming a retailer.

I am interested in licensing Karen Rossi’s artwork. How do I find out more information about this?
Karen currently works with several different licensing companies and is always interested in looking at forming relationships with new licensees. If you feel that your products would be a good match for Karen's artwork, go to the Become a Licensee link in the To the Trade section on this website for more information.

I am an owner of a retail store. May I schedule Karen to come and do a signing event at my store?
Owners of stores need to arrange personal appearances through the company lines that they carry. If you would like to contact us about an appearance, please write to

I recently purchased an item of Karen's that was broken. Can she do anything to help me?
Please contact the store that you purchased the item from. They will help you to resolve this issue. If they are not able to resolve this problem or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can follow our tips at

Can I order Karen Rossi products online?
We do have the KR Online Store which sells certain Rossi products. You can also check our retailer listing for more online stores that sell Karen's products.

I am an online retailer of Karen Rossi products. Can I use her artwork on my website?
All of Karen's artwork is owned and copyrighted by Karen Rossi and cannot be used without authorization. Using any Karen Rossi artwork on your Web site (other than product photos) is considered a violation of United States Copyright Law.

Is Karen's artwork available on embroidery cards?
Yes. Karen has two embroidery cards available from Bernina. Check with your local Bernina dealer for these cards or visit

I want to make some clothing and other items using Karen's Bernina Embroidery Cards and sell them at an upcoming craft show. Do I need permission from Karen to do this?
All of Karen's artwork is owned and copyrighted by Karen Rossi and cannot be used for resale without authorization. Reselling Karen Rossi artwork without a Licensing contract is considered a violation of United States Copyright Law. This disclaimer is also listed on the back of the packaging for your Bernina Embroidery Card.



Karen as a mermaid at the Paul Brent Gallery, FL.

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