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I can't find the character I'm looking for! How do I suggest a character?
Karen loves to hear new character suggestions from her fans, they have a big influence on the new characters that she designs. Please email with your ideas. But please remember, each character takes many months of planning to create and manufacture, and not all suggestions will become a finished product. In addition, see the question Do not foget to look at our retail page for lists of products made by all of Karen's licensees. Your character may already be created, but hard to find!

How can I make my Fanciful Flight™ more personalized?
If you have not already guessed, Karen has a passion for decorating and dressing up. If you cannot get to a signing event to have Karen sign your piece, or if you cannot find the character you are looking for, Karen encourages her collectors to use their creativity. You can dress up her licensed Fanciful Flights ™ and fine art pieces for the holidays and any other occasion. Here are a few creative ideas of how to personalize your Fanciful Fights™ and/or original pieces:

1. If you are giving the flight as a gift you can use a Sharpie marker to write the person's name somewhere on the piece. For instance, if you are giving a Chef Fanciful Flight as a gift, you can write the person's name on the hat.

2. Karen especially encourages people to dress up the flights for the holidays. You can do this by visiting local craft stores and purchasing fabrics. For example, during the winter months you can give your flight a scarf, or a warm fleece skirt

3. You can visit your local craft stores and purchase charms or doll house accessories and wire. You can add personal charms to any flight to represent the character you are looking for. The more charms the better!

These are just a few ideas for how you can personalize your Fanciful Flights™ and/or original pieces. Be sure to check out our fan page to see what ideas our fans have sent in or to send in your own ideas!

I am organizing a fund raising event. Will Karen donate a sculpture to our charity?
Karen receives hundreds of donation requests every year. Our Board of Directors review these requests every November. If you are looking for a donation for a local event, Karen will personalize anything that you are able to get donated from a local vendor. Please email these requests to

Can a customer or website visitor copy your artwork from your website to use in personal documents and Web sites?
No. The artwork on this site is owned and copyrighted by Karen Rossi. Any reproduction of Karen's artwork without permission is considered a violation of United States Copyright Law.

Are there any job or internship opportunities at your studio?
We post any job and internship opportunities on our job page.

My collection of Fanciful Flights™ is now up to five. How do I put them on display in my house?
Here are a few ideas:
1. Dress up a chandelier in your dining room by hanging flights off it with some wire.

2. One way you can display your flights is by decorating a wire coat hanger with some fabric or colorful papers. You can bend the wire into a fun shape (i.e. a wavy line or a circle shape). Next take some needle-nose pliers and attach the flights onto your decorated coat hanger with some wire. You can hang your creation from the ceiling with some fishing lines and tacks or small nails.

3. See your retailer for Fanciful Flights™ display hangers. Karen has created many fun arch bases including designs with clouds/stars, flowers, and balloons. One such hanger even holds three characters!

These are just a few ideas for how you can display your Fanciful Flights™. Please let us know if you have more!

I bought Karen Rossi banners to hang inside my home. Now what do I do?
Indoor hanging is easy and fun! All you need is a 3/8" wooden dowel and two hooks. You can spray paint the dowel to suit your decorating needs, attach a hook to each end, and voila! A ready-to-hang masterpiece.

I have purchased your girlfriends note cards, but I would love a calendar.
We will be releasing a girlfriends as well as a redhatted ladies calendar for 2006 with Tidemark. Keep your eyes open for these great items.

I got a pin for my birthday and I would love to give them as gifts, but what characters do you have available?
Roman has turned a variety of Karen's characters into pins. You can view the list on our Roman page.

I bought the suction cup display piece and can't figure out how to attach the wire to the cup. Can you help?


Step 1: Start with the two pieces from the package.





Step 2: Insert the end with the bead into the hole in the suction cup.






Step 3: Push until the bead rests on top of the suction cup.





Step 4: Turn so the hook points outward and hang up your favorite fanciful flight!


This Flights hangar was done by Karen's mom!



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