Stick Sculpture

Did you ever think that trees look like humans with their hands stretched to the sky? Enjoy making a figurative sculpture from sticks!



Object to make head- wooden bead, styrofoam ball, cardboard.

Plaster strips

Scissors, Wire cutting tools, pliers


Anything you like for decorating- paint, markers, beads, yarn, ribbon, feathers.


1. Use your imagination to choose twigs where you can imagine arms, legs and hands. With scissors you can cut off unnecessary leaves and branches..

2. Tie the twigs with wire to keep them held in place..

3. Cut strips of plastercraft and dip them into a bowl of water. Mold the gauze around the wire and any other place you like.

4. Choose a shape for the head. It could be a styrofoam ball, a wooden bead, or even a flat piece of cardboard. Attach it to the stick with glue or wire, add more plastercraft as desired.

5. Let it dry in the sun.

6. Decorate with paint, markers, beads, yarn or ribbon.


Completed Stick Sculptures




Connecting the sticks with wire

With the Plaster

Completed Stick Sculpture

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